Foremost Mineral Resources and Energy Trading Company in Africa

About Us

Geode Trading Limited is more than just a Trading Company.

Geode Trading Limited is more than just a trading company; we’re dedicated Energy traders, explorers and innovators committed to the effective utilization of the Earth’s mineral resources. With a legacy of excellence in mineral trading and extraction, we have a forward-thinking approach to sustainable practices and are shaping the future of mining trading, energy trading, and extraction.

Our Values

These values are more than just words; they are the principles that guide our operations. They reflect our unwavering commitment to responsible trading, sustainable practices, and contributing positively to society.

Safety First

At Geode Trading Limited, safety is paramount. We invest in cutting-edge technology and rigorous training to ensure the well-being of our workforce and the communities we operate in.


We believe that mining should leave a positive footprint. Our commitment to sustainable practices extends from environmental stewardship to community development, ensuring a brighter future for all.


The mining industry is constantly evolving, and so are we. We embrace technological advancements to optimize efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and unlock new opportunities.


We operate with transparency and integrity. Our stakeholders can trust that we prioritize ethical business practices, regulatory compliance, and responsible resource management.

We are successful experts in mineral resources and energy trading operations with experience and satisfied customers

The Industries We Serve

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Mining and Minerals

As pioneers in the mining industry, we specialize in the extraction, processing, and distribution of valuable minerals, ensuring efficient, sustainable, and responsible practices throughout the process. We engage in the trading of oil and gas products, biproducts and commodities. Also, our contributions to the energy sector include the extraction of resources used in power generation, enabling the efficient production of electricity and other forms of energy. We support academic and research institutions with the minerals required for scientific studies, fostering innovation and discovery.

Construction and Infrastructure

We provide essential raw materials for construction projects, supporting the development of vital infrastructure that drives economic growth. We supply raw materials required for manufacturing, helping industries produce a wide array of products that enhance lives.

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Technology and Electronics

We play a vital role in the technology sector by providing the raw materials needed for the production of electronics and cutting-edge technologies. The automotive industry relies on us for the metals and minerals essential in manufacturing vehicles, contributing to the transportation sector’s growth.

Our Trading Resources

Gold, Diamond, Silver, Titanium, Coal, Petroleum, Ores, Stones, Iron, Aluminium, Silicon, Brass, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Zitcon, Ceramics, Glass, Graphite, Brimstone, Gypsum, Vanadium, Crude & Crude derivatives, Energy & Power, etc.

Our Services

We are a leading mineral resources and energy trading company that offers the most quality and affordable mining solutions you are looking for.

  • Energy and power trading.
  • Exploring, manufacturing, and distribution of all mineral resources.
  • Import and export of mineral resources.
  • Extraction, processing, and distribution of Energy commodities (Oil and Gas, Solid Minerals).

Discover how we're reshaping the mineral resources and energy landscape, one responsible operation at a time.